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Managing Access to your Workwolf Digital Work Passport
Managing Access to your Workwolf Digital Work Passport

How to securely grant and revoke access to your verified and self-proclaimed documents in your digital work passport

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In today's digital age, the need for secure and efficient document sharing has become increasingly important. Workwolf's Digital Work Passport offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and organizations to manage and share verified and self-proclaimed documents seamlessly. One crucial aspect of this system is the ability to securely grant and revoke access to these documents.

It's important to know that Workwolf utilizes distributed ledger technology, which provides robust privacy and access control features to ensure that only authorized individuals can view your documents. If you no longer want others to view your documents, you can securely revoke access with just one click.

Before granting access, ensure that you have uploaded and verified the relevant documents within the Workwolf platform. Check out here to see how verifications work.

Granting Access to Verified Credentials

To share the content (ie. grant access directly), follow these steps:

  • First, go to your Digital Work Passport in your account and you will see on the right side the button that says Grant Access.

  • Second, select the desired document(s) and enter the email of the person you wish to grant access. Then, just press 'Submit'.

Workwolf will notify recipients about the shared document(s) and provide them with a secure link to access it. Recipients won't need to create a Workwolf account.

  • Third. The recipient will receive an email and will need to click on 'Obtain Security Code'. This is how it will look like on their end:

  • Fourth. This is the next page that the recipient will see. They will receive another email with the security code. They will enter the code in the space provided, and then will be able to access and view the documents securely.

After this. The final page will appear where they can review the documents.

Revoking Access of your Digital Work Passport

1. First. Reviewing Access Permissions:

Periodically review the individuals and organizations that have been granted access to your documents. Ensure that access permissions align with your current requirements and professional relationships.

2. Second. Modifying Access Permissions:

To revoke access to a document, navigate to the Access Request section. Click on the individual whose access you want to modify. From there, you can partially or completely revoke access to the selected documents.

It's important to note that when you revoke access to documents you've shared with others, Workwolf won't notify those recipients. In other words, they won't know that you revoked their access.

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