What is the Digital Work Passport?
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The Digital Work Passport is our Candidates' assurance to impress employers with credible and verified claims that are important in a job application process. It helps you to bypass the applicant line and stand out from the crowd!

When you create a free Workwolf personal account, you also create your Digital Work Passport where we store your

  • Packfinder career fit assessment

  • Verified credentials (e.g. background checks, education records, employment references etc.)

  • Self-proclaimed documents, such as Resume

What can you do in your Digital Work Passport?

You have the following actions to take in your Digital Work Passport:

  1. Complete or View your Packfinder results

  2. Provide resume claims and Verify them through our authorized third parties. Claims you can add:

    1. Employment History

    2. Academic History

    3. Professional Licenses / Certifications

    4. Reference Checks

  3. Verify other renewable claims. These cannot be added without authorized verification. Options to verify:

    1. Driver's License

    2. ID Verification

    3. Social Media check (Softcheck)

    4. Credit Report

    5. Criminal Checks

  4. Upload your self-proclaimed documents, such as your Resume.

Keep in mind: you can purchase verification to any of these claims but also your potential employer can purchase them for you during an application process. When an Employer purchases a claim for you, you keep all the records in your Digital Work Passport regardless of the outcome of the application. You can later reuse the verified claims in your future applications.

All these verified credentials are stored securely in your Digital Work Passport and you can grant or revoke access to employers who are interested in hiring you.

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