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How do credential verifications work?
How do credential verifications work?

Who can purchase credential verifications?

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Personal users (Candidates) have the opportunity to verify their credential claims and make their job application stand out with their Workwolf Digital Work Passport.

Business users (Employers) have the option to pay for credential verifications for Personal users too. When they complete a purchase, our system triggers automated actions and Personal users will be notified about the next steps via email.

As an example, if an employer purchases a reference check for a Candidate, they would receive an email about this with a form where the Candidate needs to provide details of a referee. The referee will be automatically contacted and the Candidate and the Employer automatically receive the reference back upon completion.

Following successful credential verifications, our Personal users possess the verified claims and store them in their Digital Work Passport. The Employer, who purchased the credentials, is automatically granted access to the claim for a minimum of 30 days.

Personal users can grant and revoke access of verified claims to Employers at any given time in their Access Requests menu.

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