What are Pipeline Checklists and how to use them?

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If you have a well-defined recruitment process where you need to complete specific tasks for each candidate or you just like to organize your work into steps, Checklists are your friend!

Checklists allow you to build and attach a list of tasks, or steps, to a Pipeline and easily access it for each applicant monitoring their progress individually.

Creating a Checklist

There are 2 ways of creating a Checklist.

From your Pipeline

  1. Click on the Checklist tab in a selected Pipeline

  2. Click 'Create New Checklist'. If this is not your first time creating a Checklist, you will find this just above the Attach button

  3. Provide the Name

  4. Start adding Tasks (steps) and Sections to your Checklist

  5. Review and Save if you are happy with it

  6. Select your Checklist from the dropdown menu and Attach it to the Pipeline

From the Account Settings

  1. Name your Checklist and start adding Tasks. Use sections to separate tasks for easier organization

  2. Review and Save if you are happy with it

Editing a Checklist

  1. Click on the name of the Checklist that you want to edit

  2. In the preview window, click Edit.

Attaching a Checklist to a Pipeline

  1. Visit the Pipeline where you want to use a Checklist

  2. Click on the Checklists tab

  3. Click on the Select drop-down list and select the Checklist you want to attach

  4. Confirm your selection by clicking 'Attach'

Using Checklist on a Candidate profile

  1. Click on a Candidate in a Pipeline where you applied a Checklist

  2. On the application profile view, see how many tasks in the Checklist were checked for this candidate on the right hand side

  3. By clicking on this button, you can see and mark the tasks to complete.

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