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How to collaborate in candidate notes?

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As a Premium Business User, we offer you a range of collaboration tools. One of the most effective ones is tagging your Workwolf user colleagues in a note on the Candidate Application Profile.

Why should I tag my colleagues?

By tagging a colleague on a candidate note, your colleague receives an instant notification in the Workwolf app which allows them to quickly visit the candidate profile and react to your comments. This allows you to evaluate a candidate quicker or make key decisions much faster.

If your colleague is inactive on the platform, the platform will send them an email notification.

How to tag my colleagues?

  1. Visit a candidate's application profile

  2. Select the Note tool

  3. Click in the comment section and type @

  4. Select a colleague from the dropdown list

Who can I tag?

You can tag any colleague who is using Workwolf within the same organization as you.

If you don't see someone in the drop-down list, visit your Account Settings and invite them to Workwolf!

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