Verification Packages

How to create, manage and purchase Verification Packages for easier workflow

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Verification Packages allow you to bundle multiple verification products into one 'item' for easier and quicker checkouts. This is a great way to ease your work when you frequently run the same verifications on candidates. You can create unlimited packages to support your recruitment process.

How to create Verification Packages?

  1. Visit your Verifications page

  2. Click 'Manage Packages' on the top right

  3. Click the 'Create New Package' button

  4. Define the quantity of the verification products you want to add to the package by clicking the + icons

  5. Name the Package and click Create. NOTE: Prices here are representative, you will not be charged on this page.

How to manage your Verification Packages?

You can Delete, Rename or Edit your existing Packages anytime under the Verification Packages page in your Account Setting.

How to purchase verifications in a Package?

In order to purchase the created Verification Packages for a candidate or multiple candidates, you need to select the candidates' profile and click Verify.

On the Verification checkout page, you will be offered to select the Package you want to purchase. This is only offered if you already created packages.

In case you do not have an existing Verification Package, add the desired Verification Products to the cart of the selected candidate(s) and process the purchase. At the successful payment page, you will be offered to save the selected combination of Verifications into a Package for later use.

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