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Direct and Programmatic Paid Job Promotions
Direct and Programmatic Paid Job Promotions

How do they work and why are they the key to help you find the perfect candidate?

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We are offering 2 ways to run paid job promotion campaigns on the platform:

  • Direct

  • Programmatic

See the table below to understand which option to use for your recruitment strategies.


Direct (Indeed)

Programmatic (Jobtarget)

Diverse Candidate Reach

A broader, international candidate pool

A more specific candidate pool

Targeted Advertising

Ideal for more common roles, like sales, marketing, admin etc.

Recommended for specialized, niche roles

Efficiency and Automation

We automatically distribute the job post to well-known, popular job boards

A smart computer algorithm selects you the most ideal job boards

Cost-conscious Advertising

Allows you to define your budget and duration of the paid campaign

Offers 3 budget tiers and runs the campaign for 2 months


Offers scaled advertisements globally

Offers a potentially better targeted local reach

How to find them?

  1. Visit the Pipeline you wish to promote for a paid campaign

  2. Change the Pipeline status to 'Paid'

  3. Select either the Direct or Programmatic options

In summary, offering both Direct and Programmatic job promotion options on the Workwolf platform gives recruiters and employers flexibility, wider candidate reach, efficient distribution, and the ability to tailor their recruitment strategies. This diversity of options helps optimize the recruitment process, improve candidate quality, and save time and resources in the long run.

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