Pipeline Activity tracking

How to monitor and track all changes that your company users are making to a pipeline?

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Monitoring and tracking all changes that your colleagues make to a job posting is important for several reasons. Hence we built an Activity log where you can see all the actions related to a single pipeline - in one place.

Why to use it for?

Catch up with your workflow: If you took a break from a Pipeline or just returning to catch up with work after a few days, this is the best place to catch up with your reminders and actions that happened previously.

Accountability: By tracking changes to job postings, you can identify who made specific modifications and when.

Audit Trail: An audit trail of changes is invaluable for auditing and review purposes.

Where is the Activity log for Pipelines?

  1. Visit a Pipeline that you want to work on

  2. Click on the 'Activity' tab beside the 'Settings'

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