How to Add Tags to Candidates?

How to mark, label or add keywords to candidates based on important attributes you want to monitor for your recruitment. We call them Tags.

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Tagging, or in other words labeling, candidates on a recruitment platform like Workwolf is important for several reasons:

  1. Organization and Categorization of candidates

  2. Efficient Search and Retrieval of candidates

  3. Customized Workflows can be built by defining internal tagging system

  4. Collaboration and Communication through tagging system

  5. Progress Tracking through tagging system

How can we do this in our Pipelines?

  1. Go the a candidate's application profile

  2. Scroll down to the Tags section on the sidebar

  3. Click '+ Add tag' to start adding tags

  4. Type in a new Tag or select one from previously defined Tags

Tagging multiple candidates

You can also add Tags to multiple candidates in one instance with a bulk action. This action will remove all existing Tags assigned to the candidates previously, so we only recommend this action when there are no Tags added for the selected candidates.

To do this:

  1. Go to your Pipeline page where you want to add Tags

  2. Select the candidates by clicking the checkboxes

  3. Click the Tag icon

  4. Type in a new Tag or select one from the previously defined Tags

In summary, Tagging and adding labels to candidates on Workwolf not only make the recruitment process more efficient and organized but also enable data-driven decision-making, better collaboration, and improved candidate experiences. It's a valuable tool for modern recruitment strategies.

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