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Automated Actions - fast track your process
Automated Actions - fast track your process

Setting up automatically running rejection messages, verification purchases and many more + how to delete them

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Automated Actions are actions that our platform automatically runs for you when your desired criteria are triggered. You can find the Automated Actions tab in any of your Pipelines next to the 'Settings' tab.

What actions can be automated?

  • Sending Messages

  • Purchasing Verifications

How to set them up?

Actions will get triggered when a specific candidate is moved to a certain stage in your Pipeline.

Click the + at the stage to trigger an action when a candidate is moved there.

For example, if you want the platform to send an interview invitation message to all candidates that you moved into the 'Contacted' stage, click the + at the 'Contacted' stage and select 'Send Message'

In the next window, compose your message. You can use our preset Templates and edit them if you desire. You can also save your message as a new Template for later use.

Sending Messages with Automated Actions

The most common use case of Automated Actions is setting up rejection messages when candidates are moved to the Archived stage. Either you archive a candidate or they get archived automatically by providing the non-ideal deal breaker screener question, this rejection message will be automatically sent to the candidates every time they are moved to the Archived stage.

The quickest way to set up your rejection message automation is by clicking on the 'Quick Actions' in the top right corner of the tab and then selecting 'Rejection Message'. You can edit the message before you save it.

Purchasing Verifications with Automated Actions

You can also automate any background check, reference check, or other verification purchase for each candidate that is moved to a certain stage.

The most common use case of this is purchasing background checks and reference checks when candidates are moved to the 'Finalist' stage.

Click on the + icon on the 'Finalist' stage line then to 'Verify Credentials'.

How to cancel Automated Actions?

Click the bin icon for the Automated Action that you want to delete under the stage line. After confirming your action, the automation is removed from this Pipeline.

Queued Actions

If you want to abort a specific triggered action, such as sending a rejection message to a specific candidate, visit the 'Queued Actions' section just below the 'Add Automation' area. You can see the list of queued automated actions and can easily cancel any untriggered ones on the right.

In this section, you can also view the list of all previously completed actions for this Pipeline.

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