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How to make changes on a custom Benchmark defined by people?
How to make changes on a custom Benchmark defined by people?

Using Benchmarks as templates

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When creating a new custom Benchmark, you can choose between setting up the ranges manually or inviting people, normally your team members, and using their combined Packfinder results to define the Benchmark range.

By visiting your Benchmark page and clicking on a Benchmark that was defined by people's profiles, you have the option to edit the ranges manually if you want to make small alterations to any range. This function is called a 'Template'. This is how it works.

How to use Benchmarks as templates?

  1. Select a 'people' Benchmark from your Benchmark list.

  2. Click on the Template icon on the top right panel

  3. This will create an editable copy of this Benchmark. The original Benchmark will not be affected. Name the new Benchmark.

  4. Drag the right or left end of any range and move it with your cursor to the desired value.

  5. Click 'Save' at the bottom. Your altered Benchmark is ready to use. The new Benchmark is considered a manual Benchmark and you can make further changes at any time.

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