How to verify candidate credentials?

Purchase credential or background checks

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Business users (Employers) can easily verify any resume claims of selected candidates. When you purchase a verification in Workwolf, the platform automatically contacts the candidates through our certified verification partners and initiates the process. Candidates are notified about the next steps if required.

As an example, if a Business user purchases a reference check for a Candidate, the Candidate receives an email about this with a form where they need to provide details of a referee. The referee will be automatically contacted and the Business user automatically receives the reference back upon completion.

Following successful credential verifications, our Personal users possess the verified claims and store them in their Digital Work Passport. The Business user, who purchased the credentials, is automatically granted access to the claim for at least 30 days, after the Personal users have to option to revoke the access.

Personal users can grant and revoke access of already verified claims to Business users at any given time in their Workwolf profile.

How to purchase a verification?

You can initiate a verification in three ways:

  1. From the Candidates menu, select the candidate (check checkbox) and click 'Verify'

  2. From the Pipeline that the candidate is part of, select the candidate (check checkbox) and click 'Verify'

  3. Go to the Candidate's application profile, then select 'Verify'

On the Product page, add the desired credential check(s) to your cart and 'Proceed to Checkout'. Finish the purchase of the product.

You can track the status of each purchased verifications on the 'Verifications' page.

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