How to use Filters in a Pipeline?

Using Advanced and Quick Filters to search for specific criteria

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Use Filters to narrow down the pool of job applicants in a Pipeline or across your entire Talent Pool based on selected criteria. This is a great tool to find that needle in the haystack.

Advanced Filters

Either in one of your Pipelines or on the Talent Pool page, look for the Add filter + button to select from the following criteria:

  • Keywords in a resume - use to search for any specific words in candidates resumes

  • % Match score - filter for % in relation to applied Benchmark or Personality Traits

  • Profile Completion - select to see who has or doesn't have Packfinder, Resume, Screener Questions, Videos or Credentials

  • Screener questions (only in Pipelines) - filter for specific answers provided for Screener Questions

  • Location - narrow down by country, state/province or city

  • Date added - see candidates only that applied within your preferred time frame

  • Tag - filter for your tags

  • Source - specify which application method/source you want to see candidates from

  • Rating - specify star ratings of candidates you want to see

  • User Assigned - candidates with specific ownership from your organization

  • Pipeline (only in Talent Pool) - search for candidates in specific Pipelines

  • Stage (only in Talent Pool) - search for candidates in specific Stages

Filters can help our Business users quickly identify and focus only on the most qualified candidates for a particular job opening.

Quick Filters

Quick filters are filters in the header of the candidate table a Pipeline that allows narrowing candidates by setting criteria for specific columns.

Look for the filter symbol in the table header to access this feature.

This filter is temporary too, so when you leave the page and return, it reverts into default (no filter applied).

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