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What are Workwolf Credits and how do they work?
What are Workwolf Credits and how do they work?

How to purchase and spend Workwolf Credits

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Workwolf Credits are representing money in the Workwolf platform.

You can purchase, spend and sometimes even earn credits too. The value of 1 Credit represents 1 of your country-specific currency, e.g. USD or CAD.

Please note, that you cannot spend Credits for funding your subscription plan.

How to purchase Credits?

Purchasing Credits are simple, they work like a normal checkout when you purchase a good online. You need a credit or debit card to complete the purchase. These are the steps:

  1. Click on the Credit logo in the menu bar beside the notification icon

  2. Click on "Load Credits"

  3. Select "Buy Credits"

  4. Set the amount you want to purchase and click Continue

  5. Complete the checkout with your saved card.

How to use Credits?

Once you loaded your account with some Credits, you can start spending them as if they were "cash" on your account. Everything is done at the Checkout phase. You can purchase:

  • Sponsored Pipeline promotions

  • Credential verifications (e.g. Credit check, Reference check)

Let's see an example of verifying a candidate's references using Credits.

  1. Click "Verify" on the selected candidate's profile

  2. Click "Add to Cart" beside the Reference Check and "Proceed to Checkout"

  3. Use the sliding scale to determine the amount of credits you want to apply, then click "Apply"

  4. Hit "Continue" to complete payment

Workwolf Credit payment

What are the limitations of Credits?

  1. You cannot spend Credits for funding your subscription plan.

  2. Only company Admins are able to purchase credits.

Questions about Credits? Contact us in the chatbox 👉

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