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What are Benchmark and Personality Traits?
What are Benchmark and Personality Traits?

Introduction to Benchmarks and Personality Traits

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Benchmarks help you to understand how likely a candidate will perform well in a job.

A Benchmark is effectively a pre-defined set of ranges of the 6 Packfinder personality categories. When comparing the candidates' Packfinder results against a Benchmark, you see the % match score or Predictor of Performance.

The first step is to select In order to do that, we need to measure the candidate's core personality skills and the employer's expectations, then compare the two to each other. We use the Packfinder for the former one, Benchmarks and Personality Traits are used for the latter one.

The Packfinder measures soft skills and we categorize them into 6 areas:

  • self-management

  • motivational profile

  • environmental orientation

  • comfort with conflict

  • people orientation

  • analytical orientation.

Personality Traits are small sections of Benchmarks that are focusing on just a specific soft skill at a time instead of defining a complete persona across all 6 soft-skill categories.

Benchmarks and Personality Traits are used in Pipelines where the comparison of a candidate's Packfinder result and the selected Benchmark(s)/Personality Traits define the Match % score.

Types of Benchmarks:

  • Workwolf Benchmarks - pre-defined standards that offer 64 different career fit categories, like competitive sales, customer service, or project management

  • Custom Benchmarks - use your colleagues' or employees' Packfinder results or your manually edited ranges to define a persona. Learn more about it here

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