How to create a new Pipeline?
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You can create a new Pipeline in 4 steps.

  1. Visit your Pipeline menu and click the 'New Pipeline' button.

  2. Provide the details of the Pipeline, if it is a job, paste the job description, otherwise the description of the Pipeline. Make sure your Company details are accurate too because we will use this information when you promote the Pipeline to job boards.

  3. Assign Benchmark(s) and/or desired Personality Traits to the Pipeline. This is where you can add important or even deal-breaker screener questions so when applicants join the Pipeline, they are prompted to answer right away. You can create your own or select from a range of recommended questions.

  4. Lastly, you can promote the Pipeline on free or sponsored job boards right away. In case you do not wish to promote just yet, skip this step by clicking 'No Thanks'.

Your Pipeline is live and ready to receive applicants.

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