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We have redesigned the Benchmarks so it's easier and more intuitive to select the type of candidate you are looking for.

We have introduced 2 major changes:

  1. We merged the old pre-defined 'Career Fit Sector' and 'Custom Benchmarks' into one category.

    1. You can now only select ONE Career Fit Sector or Custom Benchmark - this eliminates occasional counterproductive benchmark selection.

    2. We renamed this field as 'Benchmark' and we don't make difference between pre-defined and custom benchmarks in the selection process.

  2. We added 'Personality Traits' as attachable objects to a Pipeline that will contribute to the Match %.

    1. There are 12 Personality Traits that represent the two ends of each Packfinder category scale.

    2. Traits affect the Match % similar to how Benchmarks do.

Personality Traits:

  1. Proactive

  2. Responsive

  3. Challenge-oriented

  4. Relaxed/Dependable

  5. Independent

  6. Team-Oriented

  7. Comfortable with Conflict

  8. Avoids Conflict

  9. Sociable (Extrovert)

  10. Introverted (Builds Relationships Slowly)

  11. Analytical/Systematic (High attention to detail)

  12. Learns the Essentials

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