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Pipeline promotion and credential check incentives
Pipeline promotion and credential check incentives
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Customers who signed up for the Premium or Enterprise subscription plans, receive

  • a free Pipeline promotion and

  • a free credentials check package (3 reference checks)

each month as part of their subscriptions.

Details and Limitations:

  • Incentives are on a Company-level, shared between users within an organization.

  • Incentives are added on a monthly basis to your Company account and accumulatively roll over as long as the Company has an active subscription.

  • If the Company cancels their subscription, they will lose their accumulated incentive balances.

  • There is no limit on how many promotions or credentials a user can accumulate and there is no expiry date for these incentives as long as the subscription remains active.

Pipeline promotion incentive

The promotion is a single sponsored job post worth $150 for a 1 week period*. Any user at the Company can use a single promotion in a selected Pipeline.

How to claim it?

Go to the Pipeline you want to promote and click 'Promote this Pipeline'. Fill out the details as you normally do when posting a job and select 'Sponsored' promotion. At the checkout step, choose the Promotion credit instead of the payment.

Credential check package incentive

The credential package consists of 3 reference checks* each month. Any user at the Company can initiate a reference check and this can be combined between multiple candidates.

How to claim it?

Go to a Pipeline and select the candidate in the Pipeline view that you want to run the reference check for. Then click 'Verify' in the action menu and add the 'Reference check' item to your cart. At checkout, use your incentive credits instead of paying by your credit card.

* Incentive package is subject to change

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