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How to apply a Benchmark or Personality Trait(s) to my Pipeline?
How to apply a Benchmark or Personality Trait(s) to my Pipeline?

Setting criteria to your Pipeline: Benchmark or Personality Trait(s)

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In order to see candidates' personality fit scores for your positions, a Benchmark or Personality Trait(s) need to be applied to your Pipeline in the Set Criteria section (champagne colored). The selected criteria is never permanent, you can make changes as many times as you want. Every time you change it, the % match score of your candidates are updated (and probably changed).


By default, you can select a Benchmark from the dropdown menu. Choose one from your Custom Benchmarks or from a pre-defined Workwolf Benchmark (64 career fit categories)

Personality Traits

Alternatively, you can click to the 'Switch to Personality Traits' and assign the desired Personality Traits from the drop-down list. You can select one traits but can choose only one from each row.

Keep in mind, the selected Benchmarks and Personality Trait(s) affect the match % score of the candidates so choose your criteria wisely!

Are you ready to find your next star? Reach out to us if you need help applying the ideal criteria for your Pipeline!

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