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How to create a custom Benchmark??
How to create a custom Benchmark??

Using colleagues' Packfinder results to define benchmark or edit scales manually

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To create a custom Benchmark, you need to provide a name to the new Benchmark then invite colleagues to take the Packfinder assessment and/or manually adjust the scales of the benchmark. Here is what to do step by step.

  1. Go to the 'Benchmarks' menu

  2. Click on ‘Create Benchmark’ and provide a name

  3. Click 'Manage' to start inviting colleagues. You can either send invitation link or provide names and emails to invite them one by one.

  4. By clicking 'Edit', you can add the results of colleagues who already completed the Packfinder to the Benchmark or edit the scales manually.

  5. Hit 'Save' when you are done with editing!

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