How can candidates join my Pipeline?
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There are multiple ways of joining a Pipeline depending on the Pipeline's promotion status. When you promote a Pipeline (either free or sponsored) the platform recognizes it as a job and offers more ways for candidates to apply. An unpromoted Pipeline is recommended to be used for internal purposes or when you are inviting candidates manually or by the invitation link.

Option to join a Pipeline:

  1. Share the invite link manually - you can copy and share the invitation link of the Pipeline anywhere you want (job adverts, emails, messages...)

  2. Invite applicants directly - enter candidates name and send an invitation to their email address

  3. Through job boards - promote your job as free or sponsored job on online job boards. Candidates will discover your advertisement online and join automatically to your Pipeline

  4. Workwolf job discovery (Alphaboard) - candidates who are part of Workwolf's ecosystem can discover your Pipeline and join through our platform

When are these options avaialble?


When Pipeline is promoted as job

When Pipeline is

not promoted

Shared invite link

Direct invite

Job boards

Job discovery

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