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What is an introduction video and how can I record it?
What is an introduction video and how can I record it?

Take a short introduction video and impress the hiring managers

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The introduction video is a short, 30-second long video that is attached to your profile so that when you apply for a job, you can showcase your presentation and language skills to the hiring manager. Employers can access your video only after reviewing your resume and Packfinder results and deciding to move you past the first stage of their review.

IMPORTANT: videos are linked to your profile and not to your applications! Therefore, if you apply to multiple jobs, you might want to record a generic video that is applicable to all your applications. You can only have one video at a time.

The easiest way to record the introduction video is from your Dashboard. Click β€˜Record introduction video’ in the Profile completion section on the right-hand side.

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